Lord Norman Foster

Norman Foster was born in Manchester. After graduating from Manchester University School of Architecture and City Planning in 1961 he won a Henry... Read More

Francis Aish

Francis Aish is head of the Applied Research and Development team. He joined Foster + Partners in 1999 and became a partner in 2008. His work embraces... Read More

Werner Sobek

Werner Sobek was born 1953 in Aalen, Germany. From 1974 to 1980, he studied structural engineering and architecture at the University of Stuttgart... Read More

Erik Demaine

Erik D. Demaine (born February 28, 1981) is a professor of Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a former child prodigy... Read More

Urs B. Roth

Urs B. Roth received his architecture degree from ETH Zurich. After completing his studies, he was an assistant to Heinz Ronner and a research associate... Read More


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