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Digital Urban Orchard: Robotic Manufacturing of Complex Shape

Areti Markopoulou, Alexandre Dubor, Silvia Brandi, Djordje Stanojevic, Maria Kuptsova, Angelo Figliola, Andrea Quartara, Monish Kumar, Ji Won Jun, Josep Alcover Llubia, Yanna Haddad, Mohamad Mahdi Najafi, Fathimah Sujna Shakir, and Nada Shalaby

Stenciling: Designing Structurally-Sound Surfaces with Decorative Patterns

Christian Schumacher, Bernhard Thomaszewski, and Markus Gross

“noHOME” Pavilion

Andrei Gheorghe and Robert Vierlinger

Brick Geometries: Characteristics of 5-Axis Tooling for Ceramic 3D Printing

Kevin Hinz

Curved Folded Sheet Metal Structural Columns

Vlad Andrei Raducanu, Vasile Danut Cojocaru, Doina Raducanu, and Laurentiu Moldovan

The Synced Detail: Integrating Physics of Assembly in Discrete-Element Structures

Ines Ariza and Caitlin Mueller

Hilbertarian Volumes: A Space-Filling Joints Set

Pierre Cutellic

Genetic Algorithms for Geometry Rationalization

Konrad Zaremba

Dynamic Simulation Based on Interactive Real-Time Physics

Chih-Bin Tseng

Rationalisation of the Geometry for Production of the 80 Meter Glazed Sphere for the Expo 2017 in Astana

Jaime Sanchez-Alvarez

FABrick Beehive

Hiroyuki Tachikawa, Tomohiro Yasui, Nao Tsushima, Haruna Okawa, Hiroya Tanaka, and Emu Masuyama

Realizing a Cladded Free-Form Structure with Algorithmic Geometry and Advanced Digital Pre-Fabrication

Thomas Wortmann, Aloysius Lian, Catherine Poirriez, Yacine Bouzida, and Thomas Schroepfer

Half Moon Origami Dome

Yasushi Ishida

Square Tessellation Patterns on Spherical and Ellipsoidal Surfaces

Katherine Liapi, Andreanna Papantoniou, and Chrysostomos Nousias

Powder-Based 3D Printing for Building Components

Andrei Jipa, Matthias Bernhard, Mania Meibodi, Benjamin Dillenburger


Architectural Applications of Constant Distance Face Offsets

Nick Westendorf, Dr. Thilo Rörig, and Prof. Moritz Fleischmann

Thermal Caustics

Regina Teng

Design and Additive Manufacturing of Functionally Graded Lightweight Structural Elements Based on Multi-Material Extrusion

Hyunchul Kwon, Matthias Bernhard, Mania Meibodi, Benjamin Dillenburger

Freeform Cellular Shells: Circle Packing and Plate Buckling Optimization

Keyan Rahimzadeh, Vishwadeep Deo, and Richard Green

Component-Based Adaptive Shell Structure

Haruna Okawa

Embodied Mathematics through Digital Fabrication Experience

Nao Tsushima and Hiroya Tanaka

Quantifiable Continuities: Examining D'Arcy Thompson's Theory of Transformations for Generative Design Studies

Emmanouil Vermisso and Giovanni Campusano

From Digital Thinking to Fabrication

Mohamed Alaa Mandour and Sara Ibrahim

Solar Parametric Analysis App [SPAA] for Complex Geometry

Conor Black, Mattia Donato, and Gianluca Rapone

Asymptotic Gridshell

Rainer Barthel, Eike Schling, and Denis Hitrec


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