Workshop 1: AJ GAME – From Digital Complexity to Physical Construction

AJ GAME with its parametric components of beams and nodes and the AJ CNC 4 Axis Mill Center


Judyta Cichocka (WUT - Code of Space), Martina Mongiardino, Mattia Santambrogio (Architects, AJ System) and Alessandro Traverso (Mechanical Engineer - AJ System)

Duration / Cost:

2 days / CHF 160 (CHF 80 for students) 


64bit Windows computer
Rhino 5
Karamba (student licence)

Maximum number of participants:



Nowadays, computational intelligence enables designers to create imaginable, complex structures, which are impressive in digital form, however can never be reflected in the same manner in reality. Development of novel manufacturing techniques brings new possibilities for architectural representation. This cluster will explore the role of computational design in the generation of free form space frame structures through simulation with AJ tools, optimization processes based on the Swarm Intelligence and creation of smart physical models with AJ Game.

We will instruct participants how to easily develop optimization strategies and structural analysis processes that aim at the feasibility of the design with an introduction to Silvereye (Cichocka et al.) and Karamba, preparing then their concepts for fabrication using the powerful AJ tools within Grasshopper.

The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with the conceptual, technical and manufacturing framework through which they will better understand how to design space frame structures, building up in-situ a 1:10 scale prototype, using the AJ new technological solutions.

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