Workshop 10: Scripting Reality – Integrating 3D Point Clouds in parametric design workflows

Colourized voxelization is a fast way to generate watertight 3d-printable meshes from Point Clouds

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Martin Tamke (CITA), Henrik Leander Evers (CITA) and Mateusz Zwierzycki (CITA)

Duration / Cost:

2 days / CHF 160 (CHF 80 for students)


64bit Windows computer
Rhino 5
FARO software (free trial)

Maximum number of participants:



This research-based workshop will introduce participants to the geometrical class of point clouds and ways to handle, manipulate, analyse and script with them. Participants will as well have the chance to get first-hand knowledge in the handling of 3d capturing devices and to link their outputs directly into a design environment.

The workshop poses especially the question of how changes on architectural scale can be tracked over time. Related algorithmic concepts and the newly developed Volvox3 components, which allows for the first time to directly access and manipulate point clouds in a parametric design environment, will be introduced to the workshop participants. A 1:1 experiment on the ETH campus will provide a testbed. Participants will learn point cloud processing and learn to track objects solely on the base of point cloud analysis, find deviations against the planned and visualise the results.

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