Workshop 2: Voxel Formations

Autodesk Project Monolith features a robust linear elastic static analysis module for finding topologically optimized forms given a specific loading condition.


Panagiotis Michalatos (Principal Research Engineer, Autodesk Inc.) and Andrew Payne (Principal Research Engineer, Autodesk Inc.)

Duration / Cost:

2 days / CHF 160 (CHF 80 for students) - BOOKED OUT!


64bit Windows computer
Rhino 5

Maximum number of participants:

20 (previously 12)


This workshop will focus on workflows designed to produce structurally optimized architectural elements which take advantage of state-of-the-art technology for metal additive manufacturing. The workshop will concentrate on voxel-based design – a technique that uses three-dimension pixels (or voxels) as way to manage spatial variations in material distributions throughout a volume. Using Monolith’s voxel-based modeling editor and simulation modules, the participants will learn how to design parts that are optimized according to functional criteria and incorporate internal structural patterns that aid in their overall performance. Participants will also learn how to prepare part files to be manufactured using various 3D printing methodologies. At the culmination of the workshop, the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has agreed to print  voxel models developed by the workshop participants in their state-of-the-art metal 3D printing facility located in Lupberg, Germany.


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