Workshop 4: Freeform facades, from design to detailing to production

Panel fitting (cuved panel simplification) using EvoluteTools FIT and automated output of drawings from Rhino


Alexander Schiftner (Evolute GmbH), Mathias Höbinger (Evolute GmbH) and Mathieu Huard (Evolute GmbH)

Duration / Cost:

1 day (Saturday, September 10)/ CHF 80 (CHF 40 for students)


64bit Windows computer
Rhino 5

Maximum number of participants:



This workshop will allow participants to gain insights into the workflow of a typical consultancy project at Evolute, taking a freeform facade from an architect’s design idea to the production data and drawing output needed by manufacturers for production of panels, beams, profiles, etc. The workshop will touch upon the following steps: optimization and refinement of the panelisation pattern: creation of an optimized facade panelisation pattern based on architectural input, using techniques such as mesh parametrization, subdivision mesh modelling and optimization; curved panel simplification: simplification of double curved panels by replacing them with flat, cold­bent, within acceptable tolerance; clustering: reduction of panel production cost by clustering similar panels within acceptable tolerance; production drawings and data: automated output of drawings and production data for flat and cylindrical IGUs, beams, metal profiles, and other facade elements.


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