Workshop 5: ShapeDiver – enabling Grasshopper models for cloud applications

A cloud-enabled parametric model


Alexander Schiftner, Mathias Höbinger and Mathieu Huard (ShapeDiver)

Duration / Cost:

1 day (Sunday, September 11)/ CHF 80 (CHF 40 for students)


64bit Windows computer
Rhino 5

Maximum number of participants:



Recent advances in cloud technologies allow new applications to parametric design. Grasshopper plug-ins and platforms such as Platypus, and now ShapeDiver enable publishing, sharing and collaborating, using Grasshopper definitions as customizable 3D models for viewers to interact with. ShapeDiver aims to enable those new applications and businesses based on cloud-enabled parametric models. Potential applications and business models are virtually endless:

• product configurators
• involving customers / the crowd into the design process
• analytics for parametric 3d models
• parametric models with distributed components (e.g. speeding up evolutionary optimization)
• collaborative platforms
• ...

Participants will be trained in conceiving and optimizing Grasshopper models for cloud applications. Key aspects of the process are both technical (model complexity and size) and conceptual (interface usability, definition of the design space). Free access to the ShapeDiver platform will be provided, as well as API access for those interested in developing their own cloud applications.


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