Workshop 9: Freeform Developable Spatial Structures

Computational work-flow for the generation of a spatial structure


Shajay Bhooshan (ZHA Co.De), Vishu Bhooshan (ZHA Co.De), David Reeves (ZHA Co.De), Ilya Pereyaslavtsev (ZHA Co.De) and Alicia Nahmad (Cardiff University)

Duration / Cost:

2 days / CHF 160 (CHF 80 for students)


64bit Windows computer
Rhino 5

Maximum number of participants:



The workshop will be formatted as a collaborative design-build exercise which extends ongoing design research in the area of developable spatial structures. Based on principles of 3d graphic statics detailed in (Akbarzadeh, Van Mele and Block 2015) & (Neuhaeuser, et al. 2010), we will provide a platform that facilitates the algorithmic exploration of structural topologies which are amenable to various materializations and modes of robotic fabrication (hot wire cutting, variable curvature bending etc). In addition to the production of a sizeable prototype, participants will use this platform to speculate on alternative fabrication strategies through a series of smaller scale models.


Akbarzadeh, Masoud, Tom Van Mele, and Philippe Block. “On the equilibrium of funicular polyhedral frames and convex polyhedral force diagrams.” Computer-Aided Design, 2015: 118-128.
Neuhaeuser, Stefan, Fritz Mielert, Matthias Rippmann, and Werner Sobek. “Architectural and Structural Investigation of Complex Grid.” Proceedings of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) Symposium. Shanghai, 2010. 1189 -1209.

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